Our Wishlist

In-kind donations are also an important way to support the Vermont Center for Photography. Cameras, books, digital and darkroom equipment (in usable condition) can directly improve the gallery, darkroom, workshop, an general visitors experience.

If you want to play Santa this year, simply click and send from the list below!  You can even ship directly to us at:

Vermont Center for Photography
49 Flat Street
Brattleboro, Vermont, 05301

If you’d like us to do the shopping, or you’d like your donation applied to one of these items, contact Joshua Farr, Executive Director, or call him at 802-251-6051. Thank you!


With this flat file we would be able to properly store and expand our ever-growing print collection – which would add to our educational resources and increase the safety of works on paper stored at VCP.

We would gladly put to use ANY 35mm, medium format, large format, or digital cameras, lenses, or camera accessories. These come in very handy for our educational workshops, demonstrations, and other fundraising sales and events.

We are always looking for black & white film (of all types) to be used in our workshops & demos. 35mm, medium format, 4×5, 5×7, 8×10 – you name it!

Variable Contrast photographic paper for use in our darkroom is always a must-have. Whether it’s 5×7”, 8×10”, 11×14”, 16×20”, or 20×24” – we can use it all! 

We’re always looking to improve our publicly accessible b/w photo darkroom (one of only 2 in the state!) with enlargers, enlarging lenses, film developing equipment, chemicals, trays, print washers, film drying cabinets, heat presses, safelights, or any other misc tools or items.

Metal or wooden picture frames (with or without mattes/glass) always have a good home at VCP. With a collection of clean/unscratched frames on hand, it allows us to loan frames to our members and solo exhibitors to help them reduce costs involved in mounting their work on our walls. Great standard sizes include 8×10”, 11×14”, 16×20” and 20×24” – but we can cut custom mattes for nearly any size frame.

Apple Macbook Pro laptops are something we are hoping to add to our fleet in the near future. Not only could we set up a public digital lab/station, but this equipment could be used for public artist talks/presentations, office tasks, offsite tasks and fundraisers, and in our workshops – to name a few. We would even name it after you!

VCP repaints its walls between each and every exhibition – and that uses up a lot of brushes and paint rollers! Any donation of 12” soft paint rollers would be hugely helpful to help us keep our walls clean and looking glamorous!

We ship out a lot of artwork to buyers as well as the artists themselves – and something that we always burn through is good quality shipping tape. One can never have too much shipping tape!