Perfect Imperfection: Liz LaVorgna & Shanta L.E.

Perfect Imperfection is a collaborative photography and creative writing project by Liz LaVorgna  & Shanta L.E. Perfect Imperfection is a window to emotion presenting what people feel is imperfect about them, emotionally or physically. It’s about discovery, a journey, and acceptance.

This project is an invitation to the community to accept and embrace their imperfections through photographs and story. Our visual and written stories include emotionally charged topics like abandonment and domestic violence as well as physical issues including varying degrees of body shame. In a society that relies on Photoshop and other techniques to present individuals as perfect we are facing more pressure than ever before to become what we are not.

Our exhibit will encourage dialogue about imperfections and how we can work to embrace them. Perfection is a universal issue that everyone strives for and suffers from. Perceived imperfection is like heavy armor. We carry it around every day and we think it protects us. In reality it shields the world out and keeps us from fully accepting and embracing ourselves. Just as things are not negative or positive, they ARE. We ARE.

Listen to the artists speak about their work on Vermont Public Radio:
Photography Show In Brattleboro Celebrates ‘Perfect Imperfections’

Perfect Imperfection will be on display from April 3 – 26, 2015 with an opening reception on Friday, April 3rd from 5:30 to 8:30pm during Gallery Walk.

Liz LaVorgna:
“I studied photography and digital media arts at Keene State in beautiful New Hampshire and have had several solo and group photo exhibits.  My photographs have been used to promote artists for high end gallery exhibits and for use with fortune 500 companies.  My photographs also give joy and a sense of empowerment to my clients.  I like to give back to the local community and have volunteered my services to several local organizations such as the Women’s Freedom Center, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition and I also mentor students in photography at local high schools.”

Shanta L.E.:
Shanta L.E. is originally from Hartford, Connecticut. The seeds for a love affair with beautiful images were planted when Shanta fell in love with a Nikon camera owned by her parents. She snuck the camera out of the house while packing up for her first year of college. The passion for photography was further nurtured during he first trip to Uganda, Africa. In October 2011, Shanta traveled to India for five months. In between jobs at the time, she referred to this experience as “ opportunity to take a break from the economy and have a rare experience of seeing the world.” Shanta shared some of her experiences in her photography show debut “Surrender.”

Writing, dance, and the collection of fairytales/stories/mythology from various cultures are just a few things that have become staples in Shanta’s life. She also is a multi-faceted professional with a background that includes management, advocacy, and workshop/program creation/implementation. Shanta has a Masters in Business and an undergraduate degree in Women, Gender and Sexuality.