Workshop: New55 PN Film with Sam Hiser & Hunt’s Photo

Join film pioneer Sam Hiser and Hunt’s Photo on Sunday, April 30th from 10am to 4pm for a fascinating film workshop at the Vermont Center for Photography (VCP) in Brattleboro, VT. At this workshop, attendees will have a chance to work hands-on with New55 PN 4×5 Instant Film in an instructive environment. The cost for the day is $179/person and includes lunch, 1 box of New55 PN film, and a hi-res scan of an image taken during the workshop.

sign-upNew55 PN is a large-format instant film similar to the discontinued Polaroid product, Type 55. Type 55 had a unique quality and gave a result unlike any other analog or digital image, but became discontinued due to the volatile chemicals used in its manufacturing process. New55 PN addresses that technical and environmental challenge with a redesigned process that eliminates toxic solvents and “produces a superb negative, and a positive print, too”.

This is a truly unique workshop and lots of fun! If you still use large format film, this is a chance to work under the guidance of those who are familiar with the process! If you are familiar with using film, but have never used large format, this is an excellent chance to use the gear that you wouldn’t normally get to use! If you’re new to film, this will change your outlook on photography!

During this workshop, we will cover the following:
•Hands-on introduction to the New55 PN system;
•Working with the 545 instant film holders;
•Processing and fixing of the print and negative, including preparing for long-term storage;
•How to manage the film for best exposure;
•The process of scanning negatives for digital output;
•Basic adjustments in Photoshop.

Participants are encouraged to use their own 4×5 cameras and 545 holders as warranted by space and weather conditions. Everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and help each other achieve success together. Participants who are new to large format photography can gain insight and confidence through observation of rail-camera, press-camera and view-camera practice here. Those new to 4×5 can begin their experience and gain confidence through the rapid feedback of the New55 PN System.

Important: Participants do not need their own 4×5 cameras or holders. Hunt’s, VCP and New55 will have 1 camera available for every two participants.

Participants will receive one box of New55 PN for use at the workshop, all appropriate materials used for processing and storing prints & negatives, and will receive one free high-resolution image scan, courtesy of VCP. Lunch will also be provided for all students.

This workshop will be conducted by Samuel Hiser, CEO of New55 Film, and assisted by the Hunt’s Photo staff who have extensive use with large format equipment and instant film. This workshop will be limited to 10 attendees.