Workshop: Split-Contrast Printing w/ Multi-Contrast Silver Papers

Course Description:
Knowledge of Silver Printing should be a prerequisite, as the workshop will cover a number of little known printing techniques throughout the duration of the workshop. These techniques will be applied to Multi-Contrast silver materials that are currently available. The teaching philosophy and goals are to share the hows and whys certain controls work rather than just demonstrating and relying on one’s memory. This approach leads directly into the students having a hands on experience during the second day while the instructor will problem solve for students during their printing sessions. Archival printing and toning methods will be demonstrated during all phases of the wet process. Split contrast printing, print flashing, bleaching, and toning are just a few of the techniques that will be explained and demonstrated. In addition to a 24 page manual given to each student Sherman will draw on numerous side by side printed comparisons used to illustrate his technique. Students are encouraged to bring work of their own, preferably problem negatives and their best effort prints that can be used for teaching and corrective discussions.

July 22nd – 23rd, (9am – 5pm Saturday) & (9am – 3pm Sunday)

Class Size:
The workshop will consist of 3 – 6 people.

$375 per person (Non-Member)
$335 per person (VCP Member)
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Materials students should bring:
Problem negatives and optional best attempt at final print

Materials provided at the workshop:
25 sheets of Ilford Multi-Contrast Warm-tone paper
25 sheets of Ilford Multi-Contrast Classic paper

Workshop begins 9am Saturday and Sunday, concludes 5 pm on Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday.
9 – 10 am: Discussion on the theory or Split Contrast Silver Printing and corresponding examples to illustrate those principles. Explanation of the various different light sources and visual comparisons used to Split Contrast print
10 – 12:30: Demo of proper proof, explanation of Flashing and Flashing paper test for use later in the workshop. Explanation of Contrast Formula followed by implementation of that Formula
12:30 – 1:30: Lunch
1:15 – 5pm: Split Contrast Silver printing one of the instructor’s negatives to illustrate progressive negative design to fully take advantage of Multi-Contrast papers will enlighten all in attendance.
9 – 9:45am: Review of the first day / Q&A / plans for printing students negatives all day
9:45 – 1pm: Students printing in teams of two with instructor problem solving. If a unique problem presented itself in one of the students negatives the class would be brought together to see how to handle an unusual problem.
1 – 1:30: Lunch
1:30 pm – 3pm: Archival processing and finishing for Gallery / Museum presentation

1375874_10200630437339176_1878463539_nSteve Sherman
began his photography career in 1981 and soon went to work for a portrait studio that sought to venture into the commercial and illustration aspect of professional photography. Sherman studied and trained in large film and illustration assignments but grew tired of client demands made not only on his time but also the freedom to express his love of the environment thorough photography. By 1986 Sherman’s Large Format black and white work was represented by the prestigious Robert Klein Gallery in Boston. Later by the 1st Street Gallery in Boca Raton, FL. and is currently represented by the Paul Paletti Gallery in Louisville, KY. In 1987 Sherman was asked to join other notable Large Format photographers endorsing Portriga Rapid Silver Gelatin paper in a national ad campaign for Agfa-Gevaert Corporation. His photographs are in private collections all over the world and have been purchased by the University of Louisville Photo Archives. Sherman has authored numerous technique articles for View Camera magazine; his work has been published in the Professional Photographer, Petersen’s Photographic and Outdoor Photography. Sherman has taught his Power of Process Workshops throughout the United States and Canada for over 25 years. In ONE on ONE workshops he has taught his Power of Process to photographers who have traveled to his Connecticut studio from Canada, Great Britain, France and South America. See what they and many others have to say about their experience in this link: and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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