This year’s SPE Northeast Chapter Conference is quickly approaching, and we are thrilled to announce the talented artists chosen to be part of the conference’s Juried Exhibition! Joshua Farr, Executive Director at the Vermont Center for Photography is the juror of this year’s exhibition for our annual conference, Is Photography Enough? Interdisciplinary Approaches Beyond the Still Image.


Anne Arden McDonald, Tony Attardo, Kristi Beisecker, Richard Cavagnolo, Monica Church, Rebecca Davis, Adrienne Defendi, Colleen Fitzgerald, Carolyn Fraser, Nicholas Gaffney, Audrey Gottlieb, Eui-Jip Hwang, Alysia Kaplan, Sarah Knobel, Katharine Kreisher, Janelle Lynch, Chris Maliga, Adrian Martinez, Andy Mattern, Sandra Matthews, Alyssa Minahan, Marc Newton, Marc Ohrem-Leclef, Nicholas Pollack, Sarah Pollman, Rachel Porter, Blair Rainey, Amy Shapiro, Rochelle Simard, David Underwood, Judy Unger-Clark, Emily Vallee, & Nathan Wagoner.

Exhibition Dates: 
November 3rd–26th, 2017
Brattleboro Gallery Walk Opening: November 3rd5:30-8:30pm
SPE-NE Opening Reception: November 11th, 6:30pm-9:00pm

“When assembling the selections for SPE’s juried exhibition “Is Photography Enough?”, many questions came to mind for me. Is photography enough? Is photography as we know it changing? In what ways are artists manipulating photographic methods today? Are digital/multimedia methods becoming the new “traditional photography”? What does that mean for pre-digital photography?

I sought to bring together elements of what we commonly refer to as “traditional” photography and work that stretches the confines of (and nearly redefines) the commonly held conception of what a photograph is. This body of 36 works seeks to ask many of the above questions – rather than provide any form of concrete answers. Change and evolution is inevitable and, with the progression of the digital era, I expect there to be even more drastic leaps in approaches to this ever-flexing medium.”  – Joshua Farr, Executive Director, Vermont Center for Photography

About the Juror

Joshua Farr is a photographer, curator, designer, and Gallery Director at the Vermont Center for Photography. He is responsible for curating the center’s monthly photographic exhibitions as well as organizing regular photographic workshops, artists talks, photographic publications/catalogues, & portfolio reviews. Joshua splits his time between VCP and the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center where he has been a staff photographer and exhibitions installer/art-handler since 2012. Joshua has been a reviewer for Critical Mass, Photolucida’s Portfolio Reviews, & the New England Portfolio Reviews at the Griffin Museum of Photography. Graduating in 2011, he received his BFA in Photography from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Joshua lives in West Brattleboro, Vermont with his partner and two dogs.