Public Darkroom

VCP is proud to be home to one of Vermont’s only publicly accessible fully-equipped B/W darkrooms. You do not need to be a VCP member to use the darkroom. Our spacious 4 enlarger darkroom is fully equipped with everything you’ll need to make gelatin silver prints, develop 35mm, 120, or 4×5 film, hand cut mattes, or dry/press/mount your finished prints.

We request at least a 24 hour notice before using the darkroom. You can email or call 802-251-6051 and leave a message.

The fee for printing is $20-30/session. This fee is only expected to cover our costs of chemistry, which we provide. Renters are expected to bring their own paper and any other specialty chemicals or materials needed. There is no hourly rate at that point for printing, we only ask that you work within the open hours of the gallery unless prior arrangements have been made.

The fee for film developing is $7/hour – with a minimum charge of one hour. This fee may vary depending if you are developing in tanks or using more chemistry to develop sheet film in flat trays. Please inquire.

ALL VCP MEMBERS receive an additional 50% discount on all darkroom rentals.

VCP now offers a 1-year pass for unlimited use of our public B/W darkroom! Normal darkroom hours still apply and it is recommended that Darkroom Members check in with our gallery director at least 24 hrs prior to use to ensure availability. Darkroom Membership dues can be paid in-person in the gallery using cash/check or credit/debit card. Darkroom Membership is valid 1-year from sign-up date.

VCP Standard & NARM Members: $100/year
Students: $50/year

To learn how to become a VCP Member, please visit our Membership Page.

Thursday: 12-5pm
Friday: 12-5pm
Saturday: 12-5pm
Sunday: 12-5pm
Inquire for other scheduling options.

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