My Fabulous Favorite Photograph: A Members’ Exhibit

For April’s Members’ exhibit, we asked VCP exhibiting members to submit up to three pieces each of a photo or photos that they revere as one of their favorite photos they’ve taken – or at least greatly admire. The result: An extremely varied conglomeration of work tied together by a sense of passion – not only for the piece itself, but for a broader love of the medium.

Be sure to stop in – This April, we are celebrating our galleries’ 13th anniversary as well, so we’re looking to you all now to show us the support you’ve shown us for the past 13 years – allowing us to continue bringing these excellent photography exhibits to our walls for all to enjoy.

Participants include: Mary Bachmann, Robert Cantius, Richard Cofrancesco, Judy Unger Clark, Annie Tiberio Cameron, Donald David, Barry Dial, William Dixon, Leonard Emery, Suzanne Flynt, Doug Frank, George Greenstein, Ciri Gillespie, Peter Haas, Michael Havey, Tiffany Heerema, Sarah Holbrook, Al Karevy, John Kudukey, Jeffrey Lapid, Susan Lirakis, Allen Mendelson, Paul Miller, John Nopper, Bruce Rasmussen, Brent Seabrook, Tom Singleton, & Michael Stoudt.

Selection of images from the exhibition: