Learning Lightroom

Sunday, May 20th, 1 to 5pm
@ VCP, 49 Flat Street, Brattleboro, VT, 05301

Course Description:
Students will learn the fundamentals of using Lightroom to organize, process and output (either as digital files or as prints) their photographs. Students will be introduced to each topic on the instructor’s screen and then given time to begin to develop their “muscle memory” by exploring the topic on their own computer with their own photographs. The session will end with a more extended period of individual work where the instructor is available to help guide the process.

Frank Gorga
(www.gorga.org/blog) is an accomplished amateur photographer. His usual subjects are the landscape and wildlife, but he makes photographs of whatever catches his eye as he goes about life. He started photography around 1970 using a 4×5 view camera and switched to digital with the introduction of the Nikon D70 in 2004. As a retired chemistry professor, Frank is an experienced instructor in both classroom and lab settings. Frank also currently serves as the president of the VCP.

Materials students should bring:
Laptop with Lightroom installed. Digital photographs (in RAW or JPEG format), on your hard drive or on a USB stick if wanting to borrow a computer. Pen/pencil and paper for taking notes. A limited number of computers are available for use during the workshop; arrangements ahead of time are required, please contact the instructor.

Materials provided at the workshop:
Handouts (paper and/or pdf file) covering some of the material.

$50 for non-members, $40 for VCP members

• Personal Introductions (15 minutes)
• Introduction to Lightroom (20 minutes)
• Digital Asset Management (importing, organizing, keywording searching) (60 minutes)
• Break (10 minutes)
• Basic Post-processing (global adjustments, targeted ajustments) (75 minutes)
• Break (10 minutes)
• Exporting Photographs (resizing photographs, saving JPEG files) (20 minutes)
• Printing Photographs (20 minutes)
• Guided Individual Work on Photographs (30 minutes)

Contact Joshua Farr at info@vcphoto.org or call 802-251-6051 – or contact Frank Gorga directly at fgorga@gmail.com

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