Jim Bremer: Carnography

From the Artist:
In mid-twentieth century America there was no greater icon for freedom than the automobile. Beyond mobility, the car was synonymous with social activity and a symbol of status. It was a member of the family, a teenagers cohort, the businessman’s partner, and the criminals accomplice. Curvaceous lines, jet plane hood ornaments, rear fender fins, and space-age detailing created a persona that lured potential buyers and cemented the bond between man and machine. Need was surpassed by desire as the primary motivation for purchase. Fast and loud was in, safety and efficiency issues were more than a decade away. Carnography is a testament to lust and desire as the drivers of consumerism.

I have a great deal of affinity for 1940’s and 50’s Film Noir. The low angles and exaggerated perspective within my images are synonymous with the style of this era. Of equal influence are the bold in-your-face posters that lured audiences to these movies, and the cover art associated with Pulp Fiction novels of the same era.

Images from the exhibition: (click to enlarge)

Jim Bremer is an award winning Graphic Designer and Photographer who has helped create innovative products and packaging for game and entertainment companies including Hasbro, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Pixar. By combining his professional experience in visual communication with his personal passion for vintage vehicles, he has created a visually stimulating and thought-provoking visual & reader experience. Through dramatic images and verse, he captures the beauty, magic and mystery found on life’s highway.

Jim is an Exhibiting Member and member of the Board of Directors at the Vermont Center for Photography.