VCPs History

July 21


VCP launches a fresh new website in August of 2017 and continues to bring monthly exhibitions, provide countless workshops, and continue its mission of promoting the photographic arts throughout the region - and beyond!
October 10

VCP Rebranded

To mark over 15 years in the business, VCP took on a complete top-to-bottom rebranding which included a new logo, website, and marketing/promotional materials. This is where the "VCP Orange" all started!
May 25

Started Printing & Scanning Service

Under the new management of Gallery Director Joshua Farr, VCP expanded its offerings and began providing professional printing and scanning services - providing a service to the community that was otherwise unavailable and generating additional funds for the center.
June 15

Became a Non-Profit 501(c)3

Vermont Center for Photography (VCP) filed documentation to become a formalized 501(c)3 non-profit organization and a board of directors was formed.
January 1

Renamed “Vermont Center for Photography”

Several years after opening as "Flat Street Gallery", the space was renamed "Vermont Center for Photography" and took on a restructuring with the ultimate goal of becoming a non-profit organization.
March 1

Flat Street Gallery was born!

VCP was founded in 1998 by Eric Slayton, a local photographer who sought space to create his own photographic work and have a functioning b/w darkroom. Eric was known to bring his pet red-tailed hawk "Gus" in the studio to keep him company while he worked. The space was originally known as "Flat Street Gallery".