Closing Reception for “LIMBS”

We hope that you will join us in a festive gathering here at VCP on Saturday November 30th from 5 to 8pm for a closing reception for our current exhibition, Rebecca Lepkoff: LIMBS. This will be your last chance to come by this month and take a long hard look at what life was like growing up in Jamaica, VT during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Rebecca’s 41 exhibited images portray a timeless period when the nude form could so easily and seamlessly blend and interact with the natural environment. The images are a mix of serene forested landscapes and nudes within these spaces. The images play off of one another beautifully – comparing the limbs of trees to those of humans – hence the title.

Refreshments will be served and there will be LIVE MUSIC by singer/song-writer Jesse Lepkoff (son of Rebecca Lepkoff). Jesse will be accompanied Alison Hale & potentially others! To listen to a sampling of Jesse’s music, please visit him online HERE.

VCP would again like to thank the countless helpers who have made this exhibition possible – Zephyr Designs of Brattleboro, Rebecca Lepkoff, Jesse Lepkoff, Suzanne Flynt, Bill Dixon, Joan O’Beirne, Lynne Weinstein, Christine Triebert and other anonymous donors. Thank you.